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About Me

“The best nurses are those who never stop learning.”

Hello, I’m Nelson Marquez, a seasoned registered nurse specializing in the Operating Room. My journey from the OR to content creation has allowed me to merge my nursing expertise with my passion for blogging. Through my articles, I aim to provide fellow healthcare professionals, especially nurses, with insightful and engaging content. With a deep understanding of the challenges and rewards in healthcare, I share valuable knowledge, tips, and personal experiences.

Story time

Hey there, fellow seekers of inspiration! I’m thrilled to have you join me on an adventure through the pages of my life. Born in Saudi Arabia, raised in the Philippines, and now a proud resident of the United States, my path has been a colorful mosaic of cultures, experiences, and heartfelt moments.

Picture this: a fresh-faced teenager stepping onto American soil, wide-eyed and ready to embrace the unknown. That’s me. The magic of discovery swept me up, and I began a transformative journey that would shape my future unimaginably.

But let’s rewind a bit. Straight out of high school, I heeded the call to serve and enlisted in the U.S. Navy. The next five years were a whirlwind of growth, as I became a Navy Corpsman. It was here, amid the camaraderie of fellow servicemen and women, that I discovered my unwavering passion for healthcare and its profound impact.

With a newfound sense of purpose, I set my sights on a BSN degree. Armed with the belief that knowledge is a force for change, I focused on my studies, eager to make a lasting mark on the world. And so began my journey into the Operating Room—an arena where precision and empathy converged in a beautiful symphony.

2020 ushered in a chapter unlike any other—a global pandemic that tested the very core of humanity. I stood on the frontlines alongside my healthcare comrades, determined to bring hope and healing to those in need. Amid the challenges, I discovered an unbreakable spirit within myself and my fellow nurses—a spirit that fueled us to push beyond boundaries and deliver care with unwavering dedication.

Now, as I stand at this crossroads, a new chapter unfolds—a chapter of creation, connection, and sharing stories. My journey as a content creator is a testament to the power of words and the resonance of human experiences. Through my blog, I’m excited to illuminate the often unseen corners of healthcare, celebrating moments of triumph, resilience, and the unbreakable human spirit.

Join me as we dive into the world of healthcare with fresh eyes and open hearts. Each blog post is a window into the intricacies of healing, a celebration of compassion, and an invitation to embrace growth. Let’s get in on this journey together, as we explore the beauty of patient interactions, the lessons of adversity, and the magic that happens when human connection intersects with the art of caregiving.

Thank you for joining me on this voyage. Your presence here adds an extra layer of meaning to the stories I share. Let’s inspire, uplift, and connect as we continue to champion the profound impact of healthcare in our lives.

For business inquiries please email me at nelson@nelsonrmaquez.com