6 Best Marketing Strategies for Telepsychiatry Services

Are you a telepsychiatry provider looking for ways to grow your practice and reach more patients?

If so, you’re in the right place.

This blog post will share the 6 best marketing strategies for telepsychiatry services.

By following these tips, you can attract new clients, build brand awareness, and position yourself as a leader in the world of telepsychiatry.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

  • How to build a strong online presence and create engaging content

  • How to promote your services on social media and partner with other healthcare professionals

  • How to offer a free consultation and make it easy for clients to schedule appointments

  • How to provide excellent customer service and encourage referrals

If you’re ready to take your telepsychiatry practice to the next level, read on!

With the right educational content, marketing strategy and approach, telepsychiatry nurses can grow their practice and improve access to quality mental healthcare.

Best Marketing Strategies for Telepsychiatry Services

TL;DR: Psychiatric nurses can effectively market telepsychiatry and telemedicine services by optimizing their online presence, leveraging referral networks, promoting telemedicine services via diverse tactics, explaining the telemedicine process, accepting insurance/affordable rates, and focusing on delivering value through patient-centered care. This attracts more patients while establishing a trusted brand.

6 Best Marketing Strategies for Telepsychiatry Services.

Step 1. Build Your Credentials and Reputation

The first step in marketing a telepsychiatry practice is establishing yourself as a trusted expert in the field. Be sure your credentials explicitly state your psychiatric nursing qualifications. This includes your licensure, certifications, education, training, and specializations.

You can provide telepsychiatry services across state lines as long as you are licensed in the state where your patient is located.

Many states now offer nurse licensure compacts that facilitate multistate licensure. Obtain licenses for all states in which you want to provide care.

Joining professional associations like the American Psychiatric Nurses Association helps demonstrate your expertise.

You can also earn relevant certifications like Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Actively manage your online reputation and profiles. Be sure your LinkedIn, website bio, online directory profiles and other marketing materials all accurately reflect your credentials and telepsychiatry qualifications. This establishes credibility which encourages patient trust and referrals.

Best Marketing Strategies for Telepsychiatry Services

Step 2. Create a User-Friendly Website

Your website is a critical marketing tool for telepsychiatry and telehealth services. Invest in a professionally designed site and create content that quickly communicates what you do, how you can help patients, your credentials, and how to get started with telehealth services now. Make sure your website:

  • Loads quickly with an SSL certificate for security

  • Is mobile-friendly with a responsive design

  • Is easy to navigate and find information

  • Contains keywords related to your services throughout the content

  • Has an about page introducing you and your experience

  • Explains your telepsychiatry process from intake to follow-up care

  • Allows patients to easily contact you and schedule appointments

Your website should have a professional domain name like nelsonrmarquez.com. Host your site on a reliable web hosting service that provides ample bandwidth and security features.

Best Marketing Strategies for Telepsychiatry Services

Optimize Your Online Presence

Beyond a website, also leverage other various digital marketing platforms to market your services. These include:

  • Google My Business – Create a free profile to appear in Google Search and Maps for local searches.

  • Online directories – List your practice on specialized telehealth directories as well as general directories like Healthgrades and RateMDs.

  • Social media – Maintain professional profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Share mental health articles and resources.

  • Online reviews – Encourage satisfied patients to leave positive reviews on your website, social media and physician rating sites. This builds credibility.

  • Link building – Pursue backlinks from industry resources, local sites, and high-authority health portals to improve search visibility.

Use keywords like “telepsychiatry” and your location in your profiles google ads, content and meta descriptions. This helps you rank higher in search engines, ads and results so patients can more easily find your practice.

Best Marketing Strategies for Telepsychiatry Services

Step 3. Leverage Referral Networks

Referrals likely make up a significant portion of your caseload. Tap into referral networks both locally and nationally to get your services in front of more prospective and existing patients.

  • Partner with local providers who can refer patients needing psychiatric care. Offer reciprocal referrals back to build lasting partnerships.

  • Connect with nearby health clinics, hospitals, counseling centers, community health centers and social workers.

  • Build relationships with insurers and join their provider networks. Many actively encourage telepsychiatry to increase access.

  • Partner with national telemedicine networks like Teladoc and Doctor on Demand which connect patients to telehealth providers.

  • Reach out to HR departments of large local employers that may cover telepsychiatry services for employees. Offer lunch presentations on your services.

  • Network with professional associations and nonprofit partners serving your target patient population. Offer to present on mental health topics.

  • Connect with schools and universities which often have on-campus mental health resource centers to support students.

Step 4. Promote Your Services

Use a range of tactics to actively promote your telepsychiatry practice and acquire new patients:

  • Launch a professional website that converts visitors into leads. Make contacting you for appointments simple.

  • Create pamphlets and flyers to distribute at local health fairs, libraries, community centers, etc. Include a QR code to your site.

  • Ask satisfied patients to leave online reviews and refer family and friends. Word-of-mouth is very powerful.

  • Sponsor relevant community events to get brand visibility. Have a presence at health fairs and mental health fundraisers.

  • Run Facebook and Instagram ads targeting prospective patients in your geographic area.

  • Send direct mail postcards to households alerting them to your telepsychiatry services. Target by demographic data.

  • Advertise on health portals, local mom blogs, community newsletters and other niche sites your clients read.

  • Optimize your search visibility with SEO so patients can find you through Google. Produce helpful mental health content that gets shared organically.

  • Stay top of mind with patients, providers and referrers by sending quarterly e-newsletters.

The most effective marketing plan incorporates diverse tactics to reach potential patients, through multiple channels, both online and offline. Test different approaches and double down on what proves the most effective ways productive.

Best Marketing Strategies for Telepsychiatry Services

Step 5. Highlight Your Telemedicine Process

Address prospective clients’ uncertainties around telepsychiatry by explaining exactly how your virtual sessions work.

Create an online telemedicine page covering:

  • How video sessions are conducted using HIPAA-compliant software.

  • Equipment/technology required for patients to participate.

  • How you replicate face-to-face treatment through video.

  • How you maintain privacy and securely share notes and assessments.

  • Any limitations of telepsychiatry compared to in-person care.

  • How you involve family and care team remotely in the patient’s treatment.

  • How you handle prescriptions, referrals, labs and hospitalization if needed.

  • Contingency plans for connectivity issues during appointments.

Being upfront about your processes helps patients understand what to expect. It also assures them you offer legitimate clinical care rather than just remote counseling or coaching.

Accept Insurance and Affordable Payment

To attract the most patients, accept all major health insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid. This removes a key barrier to mental health access. Verify you understand precise insurer rules for telepsychiatry billing, coding and reimbursement.

For uninsured individuals, other providers can provide fair cash rates. You can also reach patients who get involved with nonprofit groups and community health centers offering sliding-scale telepsychiatry to underserved groups.

Offer reasonable options for patients to pay for sessions including Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards. Make payments convenient through online bill pay, debit, credit cards and auto-debit.

Step 6. Focus on Delivering Value

The best telehealth marketing strategy is delivering outstanding telepsychiatry experiences that improve mental health outcomes. Some tips:

  • Take time to develop rapport and truly listen to patients. Make them feel cared for.

  • Create thorough treatment plans tailored to individual needs. Set clear goals and steps.

  • Partner with patients’ in-person care team for continuity. Manage medication and track progress.

  • Proactively contact patients between visits to assess how they’re doing.

  • Leverage screensharing, videos and images within video visits to enrich care.

  • Incorporate family and friends into care plans if permitted. Offer counsel and education.

  • Use surveys and telehealth apps to gather patient feedback and insights.

  • Automate appointment reminders and follow-ups to show you’re organized.

Providing compassionate, effective mental healthcare keeps patients engaged in their treatment plans. They’ll be more likely to schedule recurring visits and refer others seeking care. Patient word-of-mouth is hugely valuable.

Best Marketing Strategies for Telepsychiatry Services


Telepsychiatry presents a tremendous opportunity for psychiatric nurses to safely deliver quality mental health services to a wider population through virtual care. But establishing a thriving telepsychiatry practice requires proactively using marketing campaigns for your services both online and off.

This article outlined proven tactics from optimizing your business’ online presence to get more traffic, partnering with referral sources to effectively target audience, promoting services, and delivering patient value. Mix diverse marketing activities to attract patients searching for mental health care options.

With strategic telepsychiatry marketing, you can build your reputation by marketing telehealth services, connect with more people struggling with mental illness, and grow your impact as a psychiatric nurse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What credentials do I need to practice telepsychiatry?

You must be licensed as an advanced practiced psychiatric nurse in the state where your patients are located. Obtaining additional certifications like PMHNP can further demonstrate your expertise.

Do I need a special license for telepsychiatry?

You don’t need a special license, just a current RN/APRN license in your patient’s state. Some states offer multi-state licensure compacts that facilitate practicing telepsychiatry across borders.

Can I conduct virtual visits from my home office?

Yes, most telepsychiatry providers work from a home office. You just need a quiet, private space and technology like a computer, webcam and headset. High-speed internet is recommended.

What telemedicine platform should I use?

Look for easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant platforms that allow you to document visits, share screens, record sessions, manage scheduling, handle payments and more. Popular options include Doxy.me, SimplePractice and TherapyNotes.

How much can telepsychiatry nurses earn?

Telepsychiatry offers the potential to earn a lucrative income. Median salaries range from $80,000 – $130,000 nationally. With experience, many providers earn over $150,000 per year.

How can I get payer reimbursement for telepsychiatry?

Most major insurers now cover telepsychiatry the same as in-office care. Submit claims using standard procedure codes with telehealth modifiers. Join telehealth provider networks to streamline the process.

What marketing tactics produce the search results the most referrals?

Strategically partnering with local healthcare providers, practices, and care centers that can refer patients is highly effective. Maintaining professional online profiles and strong web visibility also generates qualified leads often.

How much should I invest in blog content and marketing??

Aim to allocate around 8-10% of your gross revenue to marketing as you build your practice. Optimize this budget based on the ROI of each activity. Marketing is crucial for growth.

Can I help both children and adults?

Yes, telepsychiatry is effective for many patients and across the lifespan. You likely need separate marketing strategies to reach both pediatric and adult patient populations.

What separates my practice from the competition?

Highlight your specializations, evidence-based treatment approach, virtual care options, patient experience, mental health philosophy, and commitment to improving access and outcomes.

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