Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope Review 2024 – Powered with best A.I. technology?

Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope Review
Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope Review

As healthcare professionals, we all know how important it is to listen to our patients’ heart and lung sounds.

But what happens when you’re working in a loud environment where it’s tough to hear anything, let alone the subtle nuances of a stethoscope?

That’s where the Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope comes in.

Designed specifically for use in noisy situations, this innovative device can help you auscultate your patients with ease and accuracy, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

Whether you’re listening to your patients’ lungs inside the helicopter as a flight nurse or a pediatrician listening to the heart of a crying newborn. Eko CORE 500 digital stethoscope has got you covered.

If you’re looking for the most advanced stethoscope – backed by A.I. technology.

Read Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope Review below.

Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope


Overall, the Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope stands out as a cutting-edge medical device that I wholeheartedly recommend to healthcare providers across various specialties, including physicians, nurses, EMTs, PAs (Physician Assistants), and RTs (Respiratory Therapists)

From its exceptional sound clarity that captures even the most subtle of heart murmurs and lung sounds to its user-friendly interface, the Eko CORE 500 delivers a superior auscultation experience. Its active noise cancellation technology ensures that clinicians can focus solely on their patients’ sounds, even in noisy environments like the emergency room and labor and delivery.

Furthermore, the Eko CORE 500’s AI-powered murmur analysis feature provides an additional layer of diagnostic support, aiding healthcare providers in accurately identifying and classifying cardiac and pulmonary conditions.

A.I. Analysis

Advanced heart detection (Atrial fibrillation, Tachycardia, Bradycardia

High Fidelity Audio

Active noise cancellation technology


Full-color display with 3-lead ECG graph


USB-C charging – up to 60 hours of clinical work on a single charge


Pairs with Eko App.

Wireless listening option

Access and data sharing anywhere


IP44 rated indicates its ability to endure splashing fluid and exposure to environmental dust.

Overall Rating:

4.8 / 5


  • A.I. Technology
  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Digital Display
  • Durability


  • Additional mobile app setup
  • Expensive
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My Experience With Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope

As a nurse, I have been using the Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope for a few months now and my experience has been nothing short of amazing.

I work in a very loud and busy telemetry unit where it can be hard to hear the sound of my patient’s lungs clearly. But with the Eko CORE 500, I can auscultate even when all the alarms in the unit are going off. Thanks to active noise-cancelling feature.

My favorite feature is probably the built-in full-color digital display. It shows me a detailed representation of the patient’s ECG.

What is Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope?

The CORE 500™ stands as an industry pioneer, being the first digital stethoscope to feature high-definition audio, a vibrant full-color display that aids in disease indication, and a 3-lead ECG system.

Leveraging Eko’s FDA-cleared artificial intelligence (AI), this stethoscope swiftly identifies abnormalities like murmurs and AFib right at the patient’s bedside.

It takes advantage of advanced audio capabilities, including powerful amplification, effective noise cancellation, and precision-tuned filters, providing healthcare professionals with an unparalleled audio experience that enhances detection accuracy and help clinical decision-making confidence.

Who is Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope for?

The CORE 500™ stands as a top-tier stethoscope, featuring a 3-lead ECG system, and it’s meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of healthcare professionals who demand precision when listening to heart and lung sounds, operate in noisy environments, or frequently evaluate patients for arrhythmias like AFib.

This versatile device finds utility across a spectrum of healthcare scenarios, including patient screening, continuous monitoring, and efficient triage, spanning both outpatient and inpatient care settings.

Ideal for use by:

  • Physicians
  • Physician Assistants (PAs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs)
  • Registered Nurses
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and First Responders
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Home Health Providers

What benefits does Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope provide?

A.I. Analysis

Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope is an advanced medical technology that provides AI-assisted diagnostics to doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. With its AI-powered sound analytics, the Eko CORE 500 can lead to earlier detection of heart and lung conditions that could otherwise go undetected.

Eko’s analysis software, also known as Eko AI, is FDA-approved software equipped with specialized screening algorithms, aiding healthcare providers in the identification of potential murmurs and AFib.

High Fidelity Audio

The Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope provides active noise cancelling by eliminating background noises that could interfere with a healthcare professional’s ability to accurately assess their patient’s heart and lung sounds.

Using sophisticated digital signal processing, the device actively reduces ambient noise levels without introducing any artifacts or disrupting the natural flow of sound.

With this technology, users can benefit from improved sound clarity and capture more accurate readings for better patient diagnosis.


The color-coded waveforms and visual cues make it easier to spot irregularities in real-time with high-quality, vibrant screen.

The display provides real-time visualizations of heart and lung sounds.


The CORE 500™ boasts an impressive battery life, anticipated to provide up to 60 hours of continuous clinical use on a single charge using USB-C.


The CORE 500™ pairs with the Eko App. The Eko App seamlessly incorporates arrhythmia detection into auscultation and rhythm assessments, enhancing the diagnosis.

The Eko App offers a range of valuable features, including wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth-enabled devices, extensive capabilities for recording and replaying stethoscope sounds and ECG data, a secure and limitless storage solution for your recordings, effortless creation and sharing of reports with trusted peers or compatible electronic health record systems (EHRs).

Download the Eko App for free in the iOS App Store or Android Google Play Store.


IP44 rated indicates its ability to endure splashing fluid and exposure to environmental dust. All external surfaces of the hardware can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol wipes or hospital-grade disinfectant wipes.

Warning: Do not submerge in liquid. Do not autoclave in sterilization machines

Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope Pricing – How Much Does it Cost?

$429 Includes:

75-day risk-free trial

Free shipping

Free personalized engraving

Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope Alternatives

The alternative products to the Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope that we can consider are:
1. The Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope which is a high-end acoustic stethoscope that features a dual-lumen design and patented 3M technologies for excellent sound quality, comfort, and durability.

2. The ADC Adscope 615 Platinum Clinician Stethoscope is an advanced cardiology stethoscope that features patented tunable diaphragms for superior acoustics and lightweight construction for maximum comfort.

3. 3M™ Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope combines digital audio amplification with acoustic sound capture for optimal performance in any environment, as well as allowing users to customize their device based on their preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope offers an array of advanced features, including high-definition audio, a full-color display for visual feedback, 3-lead ECG integration, FDA-cleared AI assistance for detecting abnormalities, Bluetooth connectivity for data transfer, audio recording, EHR integration, long battery life, durability, real-time sound visualization, and support for telemedicine applications.

A: Approximately last up to 60 hours of regular clinical use on a single charge. 3 hours to fully charge the device from 0%.

A: Yes! With its integrated Bluetooth, you can quickly and easily stream audio recordings directly from your device and share them with colleagues or patients.

Conclusion – Is Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope Worth It?

The Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope is an unprecedented tool for doctors, nurses, and allied professionals alike. With exceptional sound clarity, the device provides accurate auscultation with excellent comfort and convenience. This makes it one of the most advanced stethoscopes on the market today.

For those looking for an effective and reliable digital stethoscope, the Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope is surely worth considering. It’s an excellent choice for any doctor, nurse or allied professional who wants to experience a more efficient, less invasive way of diagnosing patients.

In conclusion, the Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope is an impressive medical tool that makes auscultation easier than ever before. It offers all the features necessary to get accurate readings quickly and efficiently while maintaining exceptional sound clarity. We invite doctors, nurses, and allied professionals to leave their comments and share their experiences with this revolutionary product!

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