31 Best Side Hustles For Nurses in 2024

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

So, you’ve mastered the art of juggling stethoscopes, syringes, and those stubborn IV lines. You’ve danced through the highs and lows of healthcare, all while ensuring that your patients receive top-notch care. But let’s talk real life for a second – the bills are real, the coffee runs are endless, and those student loans are still hanging around like a guest who just won’t leave.

Well, fear not, because I’m here to tell you that 31 Best Side Hustles for Nurses in 2024 isn’t just another year on the calendar. It’s your year to make some serious extra money without even leaving your comfy couch (or your favorite per diem gig)!

31 Best Side Hustles for Nurses to Earn Extra Income [2024].

1. Healthcare blogger.

If you’re a nursing student or a nurse looking to kickstart a nursing side hustle, starting a blog can be a great way to earn up to some extra earning while sharing your knowledge and experience with others. Blogging can be a fun and rewarding experience, providing a platform for you to share your insights and expertise on nursing topics that matter to you.

Whether you’re sharing tips on getting through nursing school, discussing the latest developments in healthcare, or offering practical advice for fellow nurses on the job, starting a nursing blog can help you connect with others in the nursing community while building your own personal brand and growing your online presence. So, if you’re ready to take the leap and start your own nursing blog, there’s no better time to get started!

You can earn money on the side as a blogger by monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and other opportunities. Additionally, blogging can help boost your career as an experienced nurse by increasing visibility among potential employers and helping forge connections in the nursing community.

With a little bit of research and dedication, you can find great paying gigs to write blog posts, articles, web copy, white papers or other content for businesses in healthcare.

As a nurse blogger, you can share your experience and knowledge with the nursing community. Click here for the

11 easy steps on how to start a blog as a nurse.

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

2.Medical Transcriptionist.

Medical transcription can be a great way for nursing students or nurses to earn extra money With a background in nursing, you already have the foundational knowledge of medical terminology and anatomy, which can help you excel in this field.

The best part about working as a medical transcriptionist is that you don’t have to be onsite in a hospital or doctor’s office – you can work remotely from your own home. Regular nursing job opportunities may not always be available, but a transcriptionist can work on their own schedule as long as the deadlines are met.

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

3.Health Coach.

As registered nurses, you are skilled in caring for others and promoting healthy lifestyles. Starting a side hustle as a health coach allows you to use your experience to help others reach their wellness goals while also earning some extra money.

As a health coach, you can provide guidance on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes, all while utilizing our medical background to ensure individuals are making safe and effective choices. Not only can this be a rewarding experience for both ourselves and our clients, but it can also provide flexibility and a sense of autonomy in your nursing career.

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

4. First aid and CPR Instructor.

As a first aid instructor, you possess a valuable set of skills that can go beyond just training others. Starting a side hustle can provide opportunities to further utilize your expertise to help others, while also earning extra income.

Sharing your knowledge and experience with up-and-coming healthcare professionals like helping nursing students in colleges.

You could also branch out into offering healthcare services, such as in-home first aid or CPR classes. You can play a crucial role in ensuring that everyone has access to proper first aid techniques and knowledge of medical equipment like the AED machine.

The possibilities are endless, and with your expertise and passion for helping others, your side hustle could turn into a rewarding career.

Click here to become a CPR instructor.

5.YouTube Health channel.

Starting a side hustle as a Youtuber health channel could be a fantastic way to earn extra money while using your expertise to help others. Plus, creating your channel allows you the flexibility to work on your own hours and pace.

With the rise of demand for health-related content, the potential reach of your channel is enormous, allowing you to connect with a wide audience and share your insights on various health topics. Starting a Youtube channel is just one of the many excellent side hustles for nurses, but it can be especially rewarding for those with a passion for community health education.

Click here for the 7 must have to start a Youtube channel.

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

6.Nurse Clinical Adjunct Instructor.

With your nursing background, working as a Nurse Clinical Adjunct Instructor can be a great way to earn more while sharing your valuable nursing education with others.

The flexibility of being able to set your own hours make it an attractive option for those who already have a busy schedule. With many side hustles for nurses, becoming an instructor offers a unique opportunity to give back to the nursing students and help shape the next generation of caregivers.

This gig allows you to remain active in the academic side of your nursing career, keeping your skills sharp and teaching others in the process. Helping students develop their skills is rewarding and can be a great way to stay connected with the industry.

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

7. Teach or Tutor Nursing Students Online.

Side hustles for nurses like tutoring nursing students can be a rewarding way to make some extra cash while helping to alleviate the nursing shortage. There is a growing need for additional resources to educate and train the next generation of nurses.

Nursing tutors provide valuable support and guidance, helping students to succeed in their studies and prepare them for the challenges of their future nursing jobs. With the flexibility of a side hustle, you can work few hours of your schedule and still make a meaningful impact in the nursing community.

8.Sell Online Courses.

Your knowledge is in high demand. Starting a side hustle selling online courses could not only earn you extra cash but also provide valuable resources for those seeking to advance their career in the medical field.

Plus, the beauty of having your own online business is that you can work on your own hours, making it the perfect addition to your busy nursing shifts. Whether it’s creating courses on specialized nursing topics or developing study materials for nursing exams, your expertise can help students while also providing a lucrative source of extra money.

9.Virtual Nursing Administrative Support.

Virtual nursing administrative support may be a lucrative opportunity. With your medical training and knowledge, you can provide valuable assistance to healthcare professionals who need help with managing their administrative tasks.

One of the benefits of starting this type of side hustle is that you can work for just a few hours a week and still earn a decent income. This type of work can also provide you with the flexibility to work from home or on-the-go. Plus, you’ll be able to connect with other healthcare professionals and build your network in the industry. Lucky you because the is one of those side hustles for nurses that can be done anywhere, anytime.

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

10.Telehealth Nursing.

In today’s economy, many nurses are looking for ways to supplement their income outside of their full-time positions. One unique option to consider is starting a side hustle as a telehealth nurse. You have the skills and credentials necessary to offer remote medical advice to patients.

With the increasing demand for telehealth services, this is a lucrative opportunity to work flexible hours and work around your own schedule. Nursing shortages has made it difficult for hospitals to fill the needs of their patients.

A telehealth nursing is responsible for providing triage and medical care advice through phone or video consultations, which allows you to work from home or anywhere with internet access.

Additionally, you must be able to use digital technologies, have an aptitude for patient offers a flexible schedule and the ability to set your own hours.

Healthcare providers in telehealth services typically have higher earning potential than in traditional nursing roles by offering services to multiple patients simultaneously. If you want to learn more on how to become a telehealth nurse, check this article :

10 essentials for telehealth nurses.

11.Fitness instructor

With the hectic schedules that most medical professionals have, it can be challenging to find time for anything else. That’s where this side hustle comes in. Becoming a fitness instructor is a better way to utilize your passion for fitness.

As a nurse, you already have a strong foundation in health and wellness, so why not use that knowledge to help others achieve their own fitness goals? Not to mention, starting a side hustle can provide an extra stream of income to supplement your full-time job at healthcare facilities.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to side hustles for nurses, but becoming a fitness or dance instructor could be just what you need to add excitement and balance to your life.

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

12. Nutritional consultation.

Starting a side hustle as a nutrition consultant can be a fulfilling way to share your expertise with others. As a nutrition consultant, you’ll conduct medical surveys to analyze your clients’ dietary habits and provide them with personalized recommendations for a healthier diet. The best part? you get to work on your own schedule, making this the perfect side hustle for those already working in the nursing profession or anyone looking for some extra income on the side. Sharing your passion for healthy eating.

Finally, put together an impressive portfolio that showcases your work and experience, and start marketing your business online or through local advertisements. Once you’ve established a solid client base, you can expand into other areas such as meal planning and nutrition education. With the right knowledge and resources, becoming a successful nutrition consultant is within reach!

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

13.Birth doula.

Consider becoming a birth doula? As a healthcare provider, you already possess the compassion, empathy, and knowledge needed to provide top-notch patient care, but now you can use those skills to support expecting mothers on one of the most meaningful days of their lives.

A birth doula can offer emotional and physical support throughout labor and delivery, which can significantly reduce the risk of medical intervention and improve the overall birth experience. The best part? With competitive pay and only a few extra hours required each week, you can easily balance this side hustle with your full-time job as a nurse.

Ready to get started? Here are three tips for becoming a successful birth doula:

Learn the basics of childbirth.

Take a course in labor and delivery, so you know what to expect when you’re supporting an expecting mother during her birthing process.

Familiarize yourself with different birth doula techniques.

The best birth doulas are adaptable and can use different approaches to provide the optimum level of support for each specific client.

Get certified.

Many hospitals require that any professional working in labor and delivery must be certified, so it’s a good idea to invest in a certification program before you start taking on clients as a birth doula.

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

14.Lactation consultant as a nurse.

Since you have already established a rapport and trust with your patients and their families as a birth doula nurse, it will be beneficial for your to include your lactation consulting services.

Becoming a lactation consultant as a nurse also allows you to use your expertise to help families bond over breastfeeding.

You can educate new mothers on proper breastfeeding techniques and instill confidence in their abilities to breastfeed their babies. A side hustle as a lactation consultant can truly be a rewarding experience because you have the opportunity to help shape the bond between mothers and their children.

Lastly, starting a side hustle as a lactation consultant as a nurse can also give you a chance to explore deeper passion outside of your day job. Pursuing a career in lactation consulting can open new doors and present new challenges to conquer.

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

15. Tech support services as nurse.

As the healthcare industry relies more heavily on medical devices and digital record-keeping, medical coding and tech support services have become increasingly valuable. Nurses who have experience working with these technologies can provide vital support to healthcare institutions and individual patients alike.

By offering tech support services in addition to their nursing jobs, nurses can earn valuable experience in the tech industry.

Nurses who offer these services can help hospitals and clinics to keep their operations running smoothly and ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

Overall, starting a tech support side hustle can be a fantastic way for nurses to diversify their income and acquire new skills. By offering valuable services in IT support, they can provide a vital contribution while also enhancing their own career prospects.

16.Legal nurse consulting.

As a legal consultant, you can offer your expertise to clients who need help navigating complex medical situations. This could involve reviewing medical records, interpreting test results, or providing testimony in court.

You may develop relationships with attorneys who specialize in healthcare law and gain exposure to a wider network of people who value your expertise.

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

17.Freelance health writer as a nurse.

Freelance writing jobs are plentiful, and you can find work from anywhere you are. What’s great is that there is a growing demand for writers who specialize in medical writing.

As a nurse, you can leverage your experience and knowledge of other medical needs to write compelling and accurate content for clients or publications.

Additionally, it is a low-cost business to start and has a ton of potential if you’re willing to put in the work. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and good writing skills. You can work at your own pace, take on as many or as few projects as you like, and select the topics that interest you.

These opportunities can be found in various freelance websites like Upwork and Fiverr. You can even market yourself to hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities. Click here to find out the

17 Best software and writing tools you need as a nurse writer in 2024.

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

18.Medical photography.

You are lucky to start this side hustles as a nurse because you are familiar to the hospital settings. Starting a side hustle as a medical photographer is one way to take advantage of your unique skillset and diversify your income stream.

Medical surveys often require visual documentation of various conditions, treatments, and procedures. With your knowledge, you can provide high-quality images that accurately portray the subject matter.

Paid medical surveys are a great way to earn more while also enhancing your photography skills.

As a medical photographer, you may encounter patients who require specialized care. By incorporating nursing services into your offerings, you can provide a comprehensive healthcare solution to your clients.

Here are the 7 essentials that you need for you medical photography business.

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

19.Medical language interpreter.

As a nurse, it’s not uncommon to feel like you’re not using your language skills to their full potential. Luckily, there’s a side hustle for that.

By being able to communicate with patients who may have limited English proficiency, you can ensure they’re receiving the care they need without any misunderstandings.

In addition, being bilingual or multilingual is a valuable skill that can set you apart in a competitive job market. It also has the flexibility to fit around your current work schedule, providing additional income without having to take on a full-time commitment.

Here are 7 Best language tools for your side job.

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

20.Per diem.

As as registered nurse, working per diem isn’t just a way to supplement their income, it’s also an opportunity to start a fulfilling gig.

As a per diem nurse, you have a lot of flexibility in your schedule, which means that you can take on additional work without sacrificing your other commitments.

One popular side hustle for RNs is providing immunizations and other basic medical needs to individuals and groups in need.

Plus, it’s a great way to expand your skills and knowledge as a nurse while earning some extra income on the side.

Click here to find Pier Diem nursing jobs near you.

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

21.Travel nurse.

Being a travel registered nurse can be both exciting and rewarding.

One option is working as a camp nurse during the summer months. This can provide a change of pace from hospital work and the chance to work in a more relaxed, outdoor setting.

Another option is becoming a door to door nurse, where you provide in-home care for those who may have difficulty getting to a clinic. Having a flexible schedule as a travel nurse allows for the possibility to take on additional work, and who knows, your side hustle may turn into a full time job.

Travel nurses can enjoy the benefits of working from different locations and getting paid to see different parts of the United States. Travel nurses have the options to work in an island in Hawaii or big cities like Chicago.

Click here to find the 10 best travel nursing agency.

22.Medical tourism coordinator.

If you enjoy touring, being an international medical tourism coordinator nurse might be the job for you. Medical tourism coordinators help patients to plan and coordinate their medical trips. This job requires a lot of planning from arranging flights, hotels, visa applications to coordinating with hospitals or clinics.

23.Sell Print on demand products online.

Selling print on demand products around healthcare niche is a great way for nurses to make extra money. With the help of print on demand platforms like Printify and Merchify, you can create custom t-shirts, hats, mugs, and other products with healthcare messages or designs. Then you can sell them through your own website or through online marketplaces like


Best Side Hustles For Nurses

24. Sell digital products on Etsy.

Digital products like resume templates for nurses, study guides and digital art can be sold on Etsy. Etsy is a great way to make money online as no inventory or shipping is required for digital products. It’s also easy to set up shop with only a few clicks which makes it a great option for those looking to start an online business without any hassles.

25.Medical App Reviewer.

App developers need feedback from nurses to ensure their product is accurate and meets industry standards. As a medical app reviewer, you would be responsible for testing the app’s usability, accuracy of information, and more. Medical app reviewers must have an in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry and its regulations.

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

26.Medical device testing.

Nurses input is highly sought after when it comes to medical device testing. As a medical device tester, nurses help to analyze the usability of the device and provide feedback on the performance of the equipment. The information provided by testers helps manufacturers improve their devices before they are released onto the market.

27.Health insurance advocate.

Advocates help patients understand their coverage and get access to the care they need. They also assist with appeals for denied insurances and dispute resolutions. This job requires a thorough understanding of health insurance policies, contracts, legal documents, and government regulations.

28.Home health care services

Door to door nurse can provide a range of services, from medical advice to wound care. Home health care services are becoming more popular as people age and require more assistance living in their own homes.

29.Mental health coaching for healthcare workers.

You as a nurse can help healthcare workers cope with the stress of their job by providing them with mental health coaching.

Mental health coaching can include strategies to help manage work/life balance, create healthy boundaries and strengthen self-care routines. You can also provide support through counseling or therapeutic conversations.

Best Side Hustles For Nurses

30.Pet care services to fellow healthcare workers

Nurses love their pets just as much as anyone else. As a nurse, you can provide pet care services to fellow healthcare workers who may not have the time or resources to take care of their furry friends.

This could include providing food and water, taking pets for regular walks and check-ups, grooming and bathing, administering medications, playing with them and generally giving them the attention.

31.Medical podcasting.

Staring a podcast is a great way to reach out to a larger audience and share your medical knowledge. Podcasts can be used to discuss topics related to healthcare, such as the latest developments in medicine, health tips for patients, interviews with healthcare professionals and advice on how best to manage stress in the workplace. You can earn thru sponsorships, donations and product promotion.


Whether you’re looking to make extra cash, start your own business, or just have some fun and try something new, you can find the perfect side hustle that fits your lifestyle. From selling print-on-demand products online to becoming a nurse who travels around the country providing in-home care – the possibilities are endless. Get creative and find your path to making extra money today with the Best Side Hustles For Nurses!

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