Stemoscope PRO Digital Stethoscope Review – Best Bluetooth Stethoscope Technology? [2024]

In the age of wireless headphones and smartwatches, it’s time for stethoscopes to get a technology upgrade too. Introducing the Stemoscope PRO – a digital stethoscope that cuts the cord.

As a busy clinician, you need gear that keeps up with your pace. No more untangling tubes or struggling to discern faint sounds.

The Stemoscope PRO promises wireless freedom and sharp acoustics to make auscultation easier and more exact.

Just imagine going wire-free for effortless exams and transitioning between patients. Hearing heart murmurs, rales, and extra sounds you may have missed before. Having amplified sounds helps in discerning the faintest wheezes or skips.

In this hands-on review, I’ll put the Stemoscope PRO through its paces to assess if it measures up to its pledge.

Does the technology enhance or impede real-world use? How does audio quality and amplification stack up?

Can it improve auscultation accuracy and workflow?

By the end you’ll know if the Stemoscope PRO is the wireless upgrade your practice needs.

Let’s dive in and examine if this smart steth delivers!

Best Bluetooth Stethoscope

Stemoscope PRO Wireless Stethoscope Review

Stemoscope PRO Digital Stethoscope


Overall, I highly recommend the Stemoscope PRO Digital Stethoscope to healthcare providers who use a stethoscope daily.

This innovative device combines the acoustic power of an analog stethoscope with the amplification and filtering capabilities of digital technology for excellent audio quality.

The integrated Bluetooth allows wireless operation so you can easily move around patients without tangling wires/tubes.

The Stemoscope PRO stands out with its active noise cancellation that helps isolate the sounds you need to hear clearly.

The high-fidelity sound pickup enables detecting even subtle murmurs or adventitious lung sounds that could be missed by conventional stethoscopes.

I was impressed by the onboard audio recording and analysis features that allow re-listening for confirmation and data sharing.

For busy clinicians who rely on auscultation for diagnosis, the Stemoscope PRO delivers better wireless freedom and sound discernment.

Its intuitive design and smart technology improve workflow while providing the acoustic sensitivity needed for perceptive exams.

If you desire an easy-to-use stethoscope that is super portable, and tubeless-free, the Stemoscope PRO is an excellent option worth considering.

Compact Design

Crafted from medical-grade stainless steel

Dual Wireless Mode

Wireless Bluetooth connectivity


Actively filters out ambient noise for clearer auscultation.


Volume boost up to 100x aids in picking up hard-to-hear sounds.


Onboard storage to record, replay and analyze sounds.

App Support

DrStemo App available to download for IOS and Andriod devices

Overall Rating:

4.8 / 5


  • Compact Design
  • Dual Wireless Modes
  • Noise-cancelling Technology
  • Mobile App Support
  • Simple to use


  • Earphones not included
  • Expensive
  • Poor battery life (2 hr limit)

My Experience With Stemoscope PRO Digital Stethoscope

Having the freedom to move wirelessly between beds and patients without tangling cords made my workflow so much smoother. The Bluetooth connectivity to my smartphone was a total game-changer for multitasking.

The moment I started using the Stemoscope PRO, I knew it was the perfect fit for my hectic 12-hour shifts.

What is Stemoscope PRO Digital Stethoscope?

the Stemoscope PRO is a versatile digital stethoscope that leverages technology like wireless connectivity, noise cancellation, amplification, and recording to enhance auscultation accuracy and sound detection.

Who is Stemoscope PRO Digital Stethoscope for?

Physicians and Nurses:

The ideal users for the Stemoscope PRO Digital Stethoscope would be busy physicians or nurses who relies on detecting subtle chest abnormalities and faint heart murmurs even in loud, hectic environments.

Key priorities for these users include sound amplification and active noise cancellation to identify hard-to-hear sounds, as well as wireless mobility to efficiently transition between patients.

By offering amplification, Bluetooth connectivity, sound visualization, and compact design, the Stemoscope PRO is well-suited for nurses and doctors

Healthcare Educator:

The Stemoscope PRO provides excellent audio quality, amplification, recording, and other features that can significantly aid educators in teaching effective auscultation.

It can record abnormal heart/lung sounds to generate a library for teaching in which students can re-listen for reinforcement.


TheStemoscope Pro can enhance a veterinarian’s auscultation and improve their ability to diagnose conditions across a range of animal species and sizes. The technology caters well to animal care

What benefits does Stemoscope PRO Digital Stethoscope provide?

Compact Design

Crafted from the finest medical-grade stainless steel and protected by a scratch-resistant glass cover, materials typically reserved for only the most premium electronic devices. The diameter measures 1.65 inches and 0.55 in thickness can allow you to easily put in your side pockets.

Dual Wireless Mode

This means you can connect the stethoscope to a wide range of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, providing greater flexibility in data transfer and recording.

With dual wireless capabilities, you can transmit audio data in real-time to multiple devices.

Noise Cancelling Technology

By reducing background noise, noise-canceling stethoscopes can help healthcare providers detect subtle or faint sounds that might otherwise be obscured. This can lead to more accurate diagnoses and better patient care.


Amplification can help healthcare providers identify abnormalities, murmurs, and other irregularities in heart and lung sounds more effectively. This is particularly useful in detecting cardiac and respiratory conditions.

Volume boosts up to 100x aids in picking up hard-to-hear sounds.


Recording capabilities allow healthcare professionals to document patient heart and lung sounds, creating a digital record for future reference.

This is invaluable for tracking changes in a patient’s condition over time and for comparing recordings during follow-up visits. Recorded heart and lung sounds can be easily shared with other healthcare providers for consultation and collaboration.

It can support recording capabilities for telemedicine consultations.

Mobile App Support

DrStemo app is available for download for IOS and android devices.

DrStemo app is compatible with a variety of mobile devices and may integrate with electronic health record (EHR) systems and other medical software for seamless data transfer.

This help healthcare providers to share auscultation findings with patients, helping them better understand their condition and treatment plan using the mobile app.

Pricing – How Much Does it Cost?


Stemoscope PRO Alternatives

Littmann 3200 Electronic Stethoscope:

  • Overview: The Littmann 3200 is a highly regarded electronic stethoscope known for its exceptional sound quality and advanced features. It offers ambient noise reduction, amplification of sounds, and Bluetooth connectivity for recording and transmitting audio to a computer or mobile device.
  • It’s compatible with the 3M Littmann Learning Institute app, which provides educational resources for auscultation training.

Eko CORE Digital Stethoscope:

  • The Eko CORE is a versatile digital stethoscope that combines advanced auscultation capabilities with telemedicine features. It offers active noise cancellation, heart and lung sound amplification, and Bluetooth connectivity for recording and sharing audio.
  • The Eko app allows for remote monitoring, live streaming, and AI-powered heart sound analysis, making it suitable for telehealth and remote patient care.

3M Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope

  • The 3M™ Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope is an advanced stethoscope that combines sound quality, connectivity, and mobility into one device.
  • It features enhanced sound clarity with adjustable frequency response settings, real-time recording capabilities, and Bluetooth connectivity. Tho, it has very similar features with Stemoscope, it is not tubeless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Stemoscope Pro is suitable for telemedicine and remote patient monitoring. Its recording and mobile app support features enable you to conduct remote consultations and share auscultation findings with colleagues or patients.

While the Stemoscope Pro is primarily designed for human auscultation, some veterinarians have found it useful in their practice. However, there are stethoscope models specifically designed for veterinary use that may be more suitable for examining animals.

About 2 hours for continuous listening.

Conclusion – Is Stemoscope PRO Worth It?

In conclusion, the Stemoscope Pro Digital Stethoscope has proven invaluable for medical professionals across various fields, from doctors and nurses to veterinarians and beyond.

Its tubeless design, cutting-edge technology, noise-canceling and amplification features, mobile app support, and recording capabilities have elevated the art of auscultation to new heights.

But don’t just take our word for it. We want to hear from you! If you’ve had the opportunity to use the Stemoscope Pro in your practice, please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

Join the conversation and let’s continue to explore how the Stemoscope Pro is transforming the way we listen to and interpret vital sounds, ultimately improving patient care and diagnosis.

Leave your comments, questions, and feedback, and together, let’s shape the future of auscultation in the healthcare industry.

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