How to Celebrate Urology Nurses Week 2023

As a Urology nurse myself, we are always on a mission: Operation Golden Flow to our patients, highly skilled in Foley catheter insertions. We take pride in our sterile field and fully charged bladder scans. 

We may not be the most glamorous of nurses, but we are essential to our healthcare system. 

Urology nurses, GU nurses, in short, are highly skilled and compassionate professionals. We are experts in the male and female urinary tract, and we are dedicated to helping our patients achieve the best stream.

Urology nurses care for patients of all ages with a wide range of urological conditions, from kidney stones and urinary tract infections to bladder cancer and prostate cancer.

So next time you’re feeling the urge to go, take a moment to thank a urology nurse. We are the ones who make sure you can all pee in peace.

Urology Nurses Week is celebrated annually from November 1-7 to recognize and honor our contributions.

If you are looking for ways to celebrate Urology Nurses Week 2023, here are a few ideas:

Write a thank-you note or card.

 A simple thank-you note or card can show your appreciation for the hard work and dedication we do every shift. You can write a personal message or share a specific story about how a urology nurse has made a difference in your life.

Give a small gift. 

A small gift, such as a gift certificate to a coffee shop or restaurant, a box of chocolates, or a bouquet of flowers, is a nice way to show gratitude.

I still wear the lanyard I received as a gift from one of my GU patients for helping him explain his prostate treatments. 

Make a donation to a charity in their name. 

If you know of a charity that supports urology nurses or urological research, you could make a donation in the name of your favorite urology nurse. This is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation and support.

Volunteer in the Urology clinic. 

Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and support urology nurses and their patients.

 You could volunteer to help with clerical tasks, patient care, or fundraising events. We always welcome volunteers especially when we are understaffed. Extra help is always appreciated. 

Nominate a urology nurse for an award. 

Many organizations offer awards to recognize outstanding urology nurses. If you know of a urology nurse who deserves to be recognized, you could nominate them for an award

Here are some additional ideas for celebrating Urology Nurses Week 2023 in the workplace:

Organize a potluck lunch or dinner for urology nurses. 

Think outside the pizza and donut boxes. Try to bring different ethnic foods like pancit and lumpia. I think you and your nurses will love it.

Decorate the workplace with urology-themed decorations and posters. 

This is a fun way to show your support for urology nurses and to raise awareness of Urology Nurses Week.

Host an educational workshop or seminar for urology nurses. 

Organize in-service training on how to use Urology medical devices such as the UroNav, Transrectal Ultrasounds, Flexible cystoscopes, and other medical equipment that GU nurses use. 

This is a great way to help urology nurses stay up-to-date on the latest advances in urological care and keep up with their nursing skills.

Recognize urology nurses for their accomplishments during staff meetings or other events.

 This is a great way to show and inspire other staff members. Maybe you will have the chance to recruit other nurses to join the GU team.

Here are some unique ways to celebrate Urology Nurses Week 2023:

Write a poem or song about urology nurses.

Don’t be afraid to be creative! 

Here is a sample:

     Urology Nurses Week Poem 

In the land of urology, they’re quite a crew, Nurses with humor, they’ve got quite a view. From bladder tales to kidney stone woes, Urology nurses, where laughter freely flows.

They handle the leaks, and the urinary tests, With cheeky jokes, they’re the very best. In scrubs and gloves, they bring a smile, Making urological concerns all worthwhile.

Their bedside manner, a comic delight, In awkward situations, they’re shining so bright. Urology nurses, with laughter in tow, In the world of plumbing, they steal the show!

The GU Nurse

Create a social media campaign to celebrate urology nurses. 

You could use hashtags such as #UrologyNursesWeek23 and #ThankYouUrologyNurses to share your photos, stories, and messages of appreciation.

Organize a community event to celebrate urology nurses. 

This could be a walkathon, run, or bake sale. You could donate the proceeds to a charity that supports urology nurses or urological research.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, be sure to take the time to thank Urology nurses for the important work they do.

Happy Urology Nurses Week!

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